Brexit was the triggering factor - it showed me that we can no longer trust science and fact to guide political decisions. I started getting more involved on Facebook, making my opinions known and it was scary at first, having never voiced any political opinions. When my friends suggested that I get even more involved in politics, that gave me the courage to stand up. When Volt came along, it was everything I wanted. The pan-european aspect allowed me to escape the national bacon-infused side of Danish politics and start working on issues that really matter.

I am very pro-EU, but never thought of myself as a federalist until I acknowledged that the challenges we face are bigger than what can be accomplished by individual countries and their biggering parliaments. I showed up at the first meeting of Volt in Denmark, I took a chance and travelled to Paris in May to take part in the Pan-European meeting three weeks later and with our diverse and international Volt team in Denmark, I for the first time see a political party that can bring Denmark forward and into international cooperation, rather than the recession and isolation we have witnessed before.