I began to be interested in the European politics when I saw the uncertainty of the European countries to react towards the unilateralism of the US. President George W. Bush. The incapability of the European institutions to answer effectively to the Great Recession 2007-8 made me aware of the necessity to foster the European Union with new public policies. The cooperation between EU members can open to incredible opportunities to their citizens. I could experiment what this means on my own life. I participated into the European Voluntary Service (EVS) in a small town in Denmark for one year discovering other Europeans and another way of life. This rewarding experience gave me new skills and competences which improved my life on any aspect.

I have always been disappointed by the lack of interest in European politics by the traditional political forces and I never joined in any of them. I joined Volt soon after a brief talk with a Swedish friend. Volt represents for me a chance for the younger generations to take the control before that the old generation of politicians would damage our Continent dramatically. Volt is our tool to generate a new European politics.

As Local Lead, I want to make this vision clear for the European citizens in Odense. The people can get closer to the European project once they embrace the European values which soften the differences between nationalities. Today, the huge disaffection towards the European institutions is determined by the dramatic gap of citizenship between the national citizens and the European institutions. As Volt activists, our goals is to bridge that gap which is a problem of full citizenship. Cultural, political and socio-economic crises are challenging the European democracies and our answer is entirely political: Europe is our home and as European citizens we expect that the European Union is sovereign for fulfilling our demands as well as any national institution.