The people in Volt – drawn from many backgrounds across Europe, sharing common European reform values.

People in Volt are drawn from across Europe because they are looking for new approaches to European challenges. Many have studied or worked in more than one country and have hands on experience of the benefits that Europe brings as well as the issues people face when exercising their rights as European citizens.


Volt is an open young energetic organization and its members are passionate about Europe. Over 70% have not been involved in politics before. A key motivation for many to get involved is to express distaste with nationalist and isolationist ideas. For many there is a sense of frustration with small minded national policies that calls for new thinking. They want to stand up for European values and enable these to bring practical benefits to all citizens of Europe.


Volt is a fore-runner, a truly European party built from grassroots communities across Europe. Volt is truly open – anyone who adheres to our values can join and meet other members in local groups all across the continent, in order to discuss and develop good proposals, to organize listening tours, to identify candidates, and to run for elections.


As a European initiative, Volt is not stuck in national discourses or boundaries. Volt provides a voice for reform and change from European citizens direct into the European and national arenas. Volt is for those who truly care about the future of European countries: people like you.