Volt in Print

Volt in P1 Debat - 9. june 2023

Debaters :
Kenneth Kristensen Berth (DF)
Jens-Kristian Lütken formand for Europabevægelsen,
Christel Schaldemose MEP (S)
Kathrine Richter fra partiet Volt Danmark,
Rosa Lund (Ø).

Hosted by: Mathias Pedersen.

These topics were discussed during the programme:

  • Should all EU countries receive more refugees in solidarity with hard-pressed member states such as Italy and Greece?

  • Can you as a member state pay off from receiving an increasing number of asylum seekers?

  • The EU countries have agreed on an agreement on migration, which must now be negotiated in the European Parliament.

  • Does this mean that the EU can now jointly deal with a new migration crisis?

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