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We deserve a foreign minister who dares to think Europeanly

After one of the closest elections in many years, the royal inquiry has now laid the foundations for a new government. However, the Danes can still only guess who will eventually contest the ministerial positions and lead the country. About the person who for the next four years will manage Asiatisk plads in Copenhagen on what some called "2. heaviest ministerial post in the Kingdom", will be from A, V or M, time will tell, but we at Volt have one clear wish for the future foreign minister. We want a foreign minister who dares to talk about Europe in Denmark, and about Denmark in Europe.

A minister who is worthy of modern Denmark and Europe

At Volt, we want the person who will represent Denmark internationally to also have a clear agenda for Denmark in the world. We often hear that we are "a small country", and, yes, it is true, it is also true when we speak in raw quantities. But when we talk about the quality of what we 6 million people create together, we talk about world-class quality. Life Science, logistics, Danish furniture design, the wind industry, Danish gastronomy, not to mention our microbrewery scene, which is led by one of the world market's giants. In all these fields, Denmark is an international superpower and all the citizens who make Denmark a superpower deserve a representative who speaks for Denmark's role in the world. Denmark needs a foreign minister who dares to be as ambitious internationally on behalf of the Danes as we actually are.

Having said that, no country can stand alone and we Danes owe our superpower status especially to our European neighbours. Because without the social and economic stability that Europe has given us for the last 80 years, no one can say today where we would stand. In addition to being a project of peace, which all of us in the smaller states have particularly benefited from, since we no longer have to fear the imperialist whims of larger European powers, the European common market is the forum that has seriously launched Danish products and know-how into the international stratosphere, and is still the trading place on which we sell the majority of our goods and thus finance our welfare society. So we owe our fellow Europeans a big thank you in particular.

But why do Danish politicians find it so, so difficult to recognize the importance of Europe in Danish politics? Why don't Danish politicians dare to talk about international affairs and EU policy, unless it's about breaking the conventions or sending refugees to Rwanda? You often hear that Danish politicians in an election campaign should at all costs avoid talking about foreign affairs and EU politics, as these are clear "losing topics", and that voters are "indifferent", but we at Volt do not believe that, because we can see that there is a European revival across the continent, also here in Denmark. The younger generation feels part of something bigger. The world that opened up to our great-grandparents in the post-war period, and whose openness was gradually normalized by our parents' generation through charter travel and cross-border trade, has now become an integral part of being Danish. It is therefore remarkable that Danish politicians still talk about politics as if the world stops at Denmark's borders. We do not benefit from that, and neither do our fellow Europeans, who are as dependent on us as we are on them. Our German and Swedish neighbors must not meet with border controls. We must be in solidarity with Italy, Spain and Greece in the area of refugees and we must stand against the regressive forces that try to lock the Danes into the duck pond with the lie that we have enough in ourselves and do not need others. We owe it to the Danes, and we owe it to our fellow Europeans.
Let's therefore get a minister who dares to talk about Denmark in Europe, and Europe in Denmark. Let's get a foreign minister who is worthy of modern Denmark and Europe.

Alexander Nielsen, forperson Volt Danmark