What is Volts policy? / The Future of Europe

Federal Europa

Make decisions together!

The European Union is our common project. After centuries of conflict, we have created a Union that has ensured peace and prosperity and we can be proud of this achievement. The EU has limitations, which is why Volt advocates for institutional reforms.

  1. We want to remove the European Council from the EU.

  2. MEPs must be able to present legislative proposals.

  3. A joint foreign minister and president, elected by the people

  4. Transparency and strengthened democracy for the citizens of Europe

  5. This is NOT the United States of Europe, we are Europe and we see strength in our diversity.

Volt's 5+1 focus areas

We have big challenges, but we can solve them together when we work together!

These are Volt's 5+1 focus areas in ALL of Europe:

See Volt Denmark's policy
  • 01

    Smart State

    An innovative state takes care of its citizens and is at the same time ready with flexible solutions. We will therefore strengthen both our digital AND our human solutions.

  • 02

    Economic rebirth

    In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must rethink the economy in Europe. From the labor market to our monetary and financial policy.

  • 03

    Citizen involvement and democracy

    We want to strengthen the individual citizen's voice in everyday life. It is a failure of democracy if citizens are only listened to at election time.

  • 04

    Social Equality

    Volt wants an equal society where the individual potential can be unleashed, and here Volt wants to take the lead and take greater responsibility.

  • 05

    Global Balance

    The western world is responsible for a large emission of CO2 and therefore we must also be at the forefront of developing solutions.

  • +1

    EU reform

    We have a vision for Europe that guarantees equal access to education, healthcare and social protection and employment opportunities for all. A Europe where citizens have the same rights and can trust that everyone contributes and benefits equally from their commitment.