Media Relations

Strengthen our connection to Danish media

Is this you?

  • You dream of a career in EU journalism!

  • You are ready to test yourself with good people!

  • You want a European network!

  • You think political communication is wildly exciting!

What should we achieve?

Volt Danmark must appear more frequently in the Danish media, therefore we will send more press releases and have more people communicating what we achieve in other countries.

You will become part of our pan-European network, where you will be exposed to everything we work with across Europe. Corruption in Bulgaria, equality in Malta, reservation of rights in Denmark and election coverage in Germany until September.

You will therefore have the opportunity to create a unique network of committed Europeans and you can try yourself! Moderate online and physical debates, write chronicles in collaboration with political leaders, build an experience framework within international politics, create press contacts in Denmark and Brussels and maintain pressure on the Danish media agenda so that we get better coverage of Europe in Denmark.

Plenty of opportunities to test yourself, strategic management opportunities and a network across Europe.You will receive support from our European Media Relations team and your task will be to put our policy into play in a Danish context.

Become member of Volt today

Send an email to [email protected] and tell us what you would like!