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EU Labour Market reform

The 8-hour work day of the Industrial society, followed by eight hours of rest and eight hours of leisure is changing. We want to ensure the free movement of labor within the EU is supported by rights, security and transferable benefits that ensure a progressive and flexible labor market. And that requires labor market reform in the EU.

It is time we discuss the Future of Work

In the labor market of the future, we will work less, take our welfare seriously, value culture and art and we must strengthen the opportunities to change careers and direction several times in our lives.

Volt is pushing for shorter work weeks and to ensure that our changing society does not leave anyone behind Lifelong learning options must provide opportunities for a change of industry, prevent attrition and job fatigue.

Because we cannot continue to claim that we must work more in step with greater automation and more people on the planet. What we need in the labor market of the future is a clear societal vision, a strong sense of community and more openness and welcome here in Denmark.

It requires a generational agreement and the composition and setup of the labor market is part of the conversation. Volt wants a far-sighted labor market that tackles the real problems and we need new ideas that can imagine the full benefit of the EU's free movement.

Here are some of the proposals that Volt will bring to the table to strengthen the labor market:

In Denmark, we must remove the Juridical Op-out and strengthen qualified migration

Denmark's reservation of rights prevents many things, including participating in the EU's Blue Card scheme.
Here, the EU has launched a special visa where highly qualified employees from third countries can apply for Schengen visas. These cannot apply for a work permit in Denmark because we have an opt-out.

We are also not part of the EU's latest Single Permit agreement, which must bring qualified labor from third countries to the EU. We lose the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with the rest of the EU - so we can say no to relocations. We should do better.

Strengthen Danish language training

The Rockwool Foundation recently provided an analysis that examined the relationship that refugees has to the business world. They found that although lower social financial benefits forced refugees out onto the labor market, it was Danish language skills that retained them and developed their attachment.

Volt wants to strengthen Danish teaching, which for several years has been cut back and given lower priority, because we see that knowledge of Danish that best ensures continued connection and development in the labor market.

Recognize volunteer work while we wait for a 30-hour work week

Without FrivillighedsDanmark, many things would not be done at all. We can strengthen both volunteerism and job satisfaction by recognizing voluntary work as part of the 37-hour working week.

While we wait for the unions and the labor market parties to agree to reduce the working week from 37 to 30, we can introduce voluntary hours.

This means that Voluntary Denmark can experience that more professionals have time to put effort into the association's work and for those on the labor market it means that you do not lose the right to a full pension or full unemployment benefits, just because you work less at your paid work.

Strengthen collective agreements in the rest of the EU

We at Volt want Danish trade unions to actively advocate for strengthening collective agreements in the rest of Europe! After the Minimum Wage Directive has come into play, it is time to speak loudly and at length about Danish experiences, as the directive directly states that collective agreements are the golden standard!

Volt's 5+1 focus areas

We have big challenges, but we can solve them together when we work together!

These are Volt's 5+1 focus areas in ALL of Europe:

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  • 01

    Smart State

    An innovative state takes care of its citizens and is at the same time ready with flexible solutions. We will therefore strengthen both our digital AND our human solutions.

  • 02

    Economic rebirth

    In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must rethink the economy in Europe. From the labor market to our monetary and financial policy.

  • 03

    Citizen involvement and democracy

    We want to strengthen the individual citizen's voice in everyday life. It is a failure of democracy if citizens are only listened to at election time.

  • 04

    Social Equality

    Volt wants an equal society where the individual potential can be unleashed, and here Volt wants to take the lead and take greater responsibility.

  • 05

    Global Balance

    The western world is responsible for a large emission of CO2 and therefore we must also be at the forefront of developing solutions.

  • +1

    EU reform

    We have a vision for Europe that guarantees equal access to education, healthcare and social protection and employment opportunities for all. A Europe where citizens have the same rights and can trust that everyone contributes and benefits equally from their commitment.