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SU is an investment

SU is contantly being attacked and on this page you can follow our coverage of the attacks and our constructive suggestions to the contrary.

SU is an investment for society as a whole. It is a macroeconomic (long-term) investment that results in higher income for the individual in the long term and other derived benefits (See Afkast af Uddannelse, 2018).

In relation to the primarily microeconomic (short-term) outlook of the Finance Act, SU is therefore seen as an expense, but it is an irresponsible outlook to have and it is fundamentally wrong to see SU as anything other than a technocratic expense, but a societal investment.

That's why we also tell our friends in Europe about SU.

Young people should be able to be financially independent of their parents. We believe that autonomy and freedom are important elements and that the next generation should not be indebted.

SU debt is not the problem, the opt-out is!

In 2023, newly appointed minister Jeppe Bruus spoke out against know-it-alls when he said that Denmark cannot recover debts from foreign students ((DR: Udlændinge stikker af fra SU-gæld):

"By the end of 2022, 120,000 Danes had not repaid their SU debts as they were supposed to. This group owed a total of more than DKK 11 billion, which corresponds to DKK 91,600 per person on average." (DR's article)

But no party needs to think long and hard about the answer - because it lies in our own Opt-Out - and the state knows this, because former Minister of Justice Søren Pind gave the answer in 2018:

In 2018, it was concluded that you could get EU assistance, if Denmark:

1) convert the SU system into a civil or commercial law system and

2) hire local lawyers to take cases against indebted students.

Or as the Danish Debt Agency writes on their website: "If you want to pay your debt in full or in part, please call us on tel. +45 70 15 73 04."

If Danish politicians actually wanted to recover debt, we need to make international agreements or drop our Juridical Opt-out and not point fingers at students who take on debt to pay for private rents in an uncontrolled student housing market.

And finally, it's worth remembering that SU is used for: housing, food, insurance and transport. In other words, directly back into the Danish economy. So, it is an incentive for foreign students to choose Denmark over Italy, England or France.

Here, both the magazine for Engieneers and Danish Chamber of Commerce who lay out why international students are great assets: they pay tax on their SU, which they only get it if they work 10 hours a week and they create an international environment and network on the programmes.

Volt's 5+1 focus areas

We have big challenges, but we can solve them together when we work together!

These are Volt's 5+1 focus areas in ALL of Europe:

See Volt Denmark's policy
  • 01

    Smart State

    An innovative state takes care of its citizens and is at the same time ready with flexible solutions. We will therefore strengthen both our digital AND our human solutions.

  • 02

    Economic rebirth

    In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must rethink the economy in Europe. From the labor market to our monetary and financial policy.

  • 03

    Citizen involvement and democracy

    We want to strengthen the individual citizen's voice in everyday life. It is a failure of democracy if citizens are only listened to at election time.

  • 04

    Social Equality

    Volt wants an equal society where the individual potential can be unleashed, and here Volt wants to take the lead and take greater responsibility.

  • 05

    Global Balance

    The western world is responsible for a large emission of CO2 and therefore we must also be at the forefront of developing solutions.

  • +1

    EU reform

    We have a vision for Europe that guarantees equal access to education, healthcare and social protection and employment opportunities for all. A Europe where citizens have the same rights and can trust that everyone contributes and benefits equally from their commitment.