TYSKLAND/Lübeck - Streetfood-kaj i Lübeck: burritos, bowls og burgere på Untertrave?

Reffen inspires Volt in Lübeck - but will German bureaucracy put a stop to new life in the Schleswig-Holstein harbour city?

Mar 28, 2024

In Copenhagen, Volt from Lübeck got to know the lively street food scene right on the waterfront. The "Reffen" and the "Bridge Street Kitchen" directly on the inner harbour bridge would attract young and old in summer. "The variety of the offerings, the locations and the price impressed us all round," reports Thomas Jahn. "In the centre of our beautiful old town, we want to make this beautiful promenade on the sunny side more attractive for Lübeck residents and tourists, especially because it connects the two attractive locations of Drehbrückenplatz and the Hansemuseum."

Ten to 15 food trucks in one culinary experience location

The politician envisages ten to 15 food trucks that could initially be located there at the weekend. "We believe that there are enough creative restaurateurs in Lübeck who can turn a street food quay into a culinary experience with their ideas," says Thomas Jahn. Not only bratwurst and fish sandwiches should be on offer, but also pizza, craft beer, tacos and other international dishes.

The administration would have to be brought on board to sort out licences, waste disposal and electricity. "The city could refinance the costs through stall fees," suggests Thomas Jahn. In addition, not a single car park would have to be lost and passenger shipping would not be hindered.